EVO CLEANER robot - pig farms washing

  • By using a robot in the pig pens, you can wash the shelter as often as you need, no matter if it's day or night, and even on Christmas Eve.
  • Wash the pig shelters with an extremely mobile robot, able to imitate the movements of the human arm!
  • If the shelter has identical boxes, once a single box has been programmed, the rest no longer require the configuration of washing programs
  • The most advanced robot on the market - EVO Cleaner - ensures a compliant wash, because it has maximum mobility (it imitates the movements of the human arm), allows up to 500 different washing programs, can wash continuously without intervention (the floor, walls and ceiling ), it is autonomous (it has batteries, it moves by itself, it is self-tracting - it does not require human power to move between halls)
EVO Cleaner washing robot