EVO Cleaner washing robot

The EVO Cleaner washing robot is specially designed to wash in pig farms (but also in other animal farms) so it has been adapted to the specific conditions of these farms. EVO Cleaner is unique in the world because of its precision, autonomy, mobility, communication capabilities .

  • EVO Cleaner is the most advanced robot on the market, the only fully programmable and fully autonomous one, intended for washing pig breeding boxes (fattening, breeding, etc.)
  • Robots for washing pig shelters are used to reduce human work in dangerous environments, and EVO Cleaner excels, contributing to the reduction of problems caused by the presence of microorganisms in the air. Moreover, it offers the possibility to wash the pig shelters as often as needed, regardless of whether it is day, night or Christmas Eve.
  • EVO Cleaner is a complete and easily programmable robot, capable of memorizing up to 500 completely different programs for the continuous washing of the floor, wall and ceiling of the pig shelter/box, without human intervention
  • Wash the pig shelters with an extremely mobile robot, able to imitate the movements of the human arm!
  • The EVO Cleaner robot is modern, allowing communication in 3 ways: WiFi, 4G, Cloud.
  • Unique mobility: ensured by the 6 degrees of mobility, which allows imitating the movements of the human arm
  • Fully programmable: once programmed, it washes the floor, walls and ceiling without human intervention
  • Easy to program: a joystick is used and the menu has touch screen and intuitive images
  • Menu in the user's language
  • Memory: up to 500 washing programs
  • High autonomy: 30 hours, from rechargeable batteries
  • Self-tracting: although it has cc. 270 kg, it is self-tracting (electric), moving in the desired direction at the simple push of a button
  • Fully protected: protected against water, dust, corrosion (stainless steel, plastic and aluminum construction), electrical risks (powered by batteries, not the mains)
  • Reduced consumption: reduced water consumption