XO scarification robot

The XO robot, produced by Octopus Biosafety in France, is intended for poultry farms with the aim of increasing productivity by increasing the quality of life of the animals. The XO robot improves production, every day, with minimal effort. Through its combined technologies, it contributes to increased health, biosecurity and productivity.

  • Ammonia reduction
  • Improving the feed conversion rate
  • Improvement in weight gain
  • Reduction of growing time
  • Improving the quality of bedding
  • Reduction of pododermatitis
  • Animal welfare
  • Optimizing working time
  • Navigation mode: Autonomous or manual
  • Type of litter: Sawdust, straw pellets
  • Weight: Approx 80 kg
  • Functions: Scarification, application of disinfectants, monitoring
  • Autonomy: >10 hours
  • Nominal working speed: > 200 mp/h
  • Data access and configuration in the Cloud: Various options (e.g.: automatic charging station) and configurations, remote control, monitoring and alerts