AGRA 2023 Plovdiv, Bulgaria

Between February 21 and 25, 2023, the Flextim Industry team took part in the AGRA agricultural fair in Plovdiv, Bulgaria. At our stand, several products were exhibited, dedicated to the latest technologies in the animal breeding sector and waste management, animal welfare and increasing the degree of biosecurity in poultry, cattle, pig farms, slaughterhouses and feedlots.

  • The EVO Cleaner robot – the most advanced autonomous robot on the market with 24/7 operation for washing animal shelters – increased biosecurity, healthy employees, reduces problems caused by the presence of microorganisms.
  • The XO robot – intended for poultry farmers in order to increase productivity by improving the quality of life of the animals – scarifying and sanitizing litter.
  • The T-Moov robot – intended for farms raising broilers, turkeys and laying hens – reduces the number of eggs on the floor, increased fertility, better working conditions.
  • The IncinerPro i500V incinerator – is part of the range of incinerators with a fixed main combustion chamber and is recommended for the incineration of waste of medium volume – birds, pets, sheep, pigs, slaughterhouse and food waste.